At Chessboard Capital, Inc., our investment sales service helps real estate investors acquire real estate assets with risk adjusted returns. We maximize the investment value of clients’ assets by addressing owners’ tax objectives, identifying potential risks, highlighting the strength of properties, unlocking potential upsides, and matching these with capable investors. Our differentiators are quality analysis of existing in-place use to potential best and highest use and unique buyer/seller base such as developers and investors with whom we have maintained years of relationships.

Our approach

Who we serve

Real Estate Developers, Builders, Syndicators, Operators, and Owners.

What we do

Real Estate Acquisition and Disposition.

How we do it

For acquisition requests, we spend considerable amount of time identifying our clients’ risk profile and preferred asset class. We handpick opportunities from private and public sources that best meet their needs. For asset disposition assignments, we effectively market real estate assets to investors who have the appetite and financial assets commensurate with the associated opportunities.


With our integrated platform, expertise in real estate and experience in financing, we provide our clients a unique advantage to turn their vision into reality.

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